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I started singing the National Anthem at sporting events at the age of 14
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About Me

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Started singing at age 3-after the discovery of the wire whisk in my mom's kitchen drawer which makes a great microphone.

Bored family and friends with Christmas concerts, recitals and impromtu family room shows until I made an actual sound recording at one of those singing booths at Bush Gardens in Williamsburg, VA. Circa 1986.

After this tape (yes, tape.) came out eerily well, I started singing lessons and singing for friends over the phone.

This launched into middle school and high school performances at graduations, local events, drama productions (I played Kate in "Kiss Me Kate" in 10th grade-my only starring role to date.) 

Then there was Star Search. At 16 I competed on what was the American Idol of the 80s/90s without all the crying and humiliation. Ed McMahon was a very large man that we never saw until we sang or lost. I made it all the way to the semi-finals (which was like 2 shows back then) and then was beaten by Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland. Not true. But she looked and sounded like her and I thought it was her when Sugarland first came out. That was an awesome experience and it fueled the fire for much more singing to come.

Sang the National Anthem for the Washington Capitals, Washington Redskins, Nascar and several other sporting events. Singing this song, my friends, is the single scariest thing you can do in life. Click here to see this spectacle.

Through all this I sang in two super spectacular local DC bands where I learned a lot about music and how fun, creative, crazy & talented musicians really are! 

I sang my way through college at University of Maryland College Park and then traveled the world putting on shows for a few years, after making my parents happy by getting my college degree.

In 2002, I moved to Orlando, Florida where I released my very first album working with fantastic producer and friend, Scott Messina, as well as many other wonderful musicians & artists.  Note: There are CDs and downloads available, so you can purchase here

A few years later  I moved from Orlando to San Diego to start fresh and put music on the back burner for a while.  And, after a handful of years of not singing, except in the shower, I met a fantastic piano player and he and I began performing shows at wine bars around the San Diego & Orange County areas. 

As of 2014 I'm still singing with Vance and have added fabulous sax & guitar players to spice it up!  Enjoying every minute of it!

Stay tuned.